WHY? Baptisms

In those days John the Baptist appeared in the desert of Judea announcing, “Change your hearts and lives! Here comes the kingdom of heaven!”                      Matthew 3:1-2 (CEB)


Soak and Share

Soak and Share is a way for you to take Sunday’s teaching to the next level and challenges you to soak in (reflect on) the teachings and share them with others.

 The Soak & Share for this week is to make time for the Word, reflect and pray. It is designed to stimulate conversation and improve your reflective time. You can use this to reflect individually or for group discussions.

What does baptism mean to you?

 READ and REFLECT: Matthew 3: 13-17

  • Why did Jesus ask to be baptized?
  • Why was John hesitant to baptize Jesus?
  • How have you, like John, put your egos aside in order to point others to Jesus?
  • How do you give yourself completely to God, asking him to put you to good use for his glory?

READ and REFLECT:   Matthew 3: 1-8

  • How are you helping those around you to welcome Jesus?
  • In what ways do you live your life that helps people discover what you believe?
  • What does verse 8 mean to you?
  • How do your actions match your words?

READ and REFLECT:   Acts 3: 19-20

  • When did you last feel the need to be refreshed?
  • List 5 ways God has refreshed, molded, helped and changed you.

READ and REFLECT: Romans 12: 1-2

  • In verse one it says: “to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice.”   How are you doing this?
  • What does verse 2 mean to you?
  • How are you able to not ‘conform to the pattern of this world’ ?

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