Personal Time With God: PTWG

Information about PTWG

The purpose of having Personal Time With God or PTWG, is for you to get to know God and grow an enjoyable loving relationship with Him

  • PTWG is not a duty, it’s an opportunity to spend time with God.
  • PTWG is about consistency & quality not quantity
  • PTWG is about reading the Bible for transformation instead of only Information.
  • PTWG anticipates God communicating to me.
  • PTWG is always followed by me applying to my life what I’ve learned from God.

The Key to the Pomodoro PTWG is to…Be persistent until you are consistent

Instructions for Pomodoro PTWG

Supplies Needed: Bible, notepad, 3×5 note card, pen or pencil and a timer

Books of the Bible: Read any book in the Bible you like.  We suggest starting with either 1 Corinthians, John, Genesis, or James.  

Prayer before Bible Study (2 minutes)

Ask God to…

  • Forgive me of my sins:
    • Those sins I’ve done intentionally, and those sins I’ve done unintentionally
    • Those sins I’ve done out of malice, and those sins I’ve done under the pretense of love
  • Help me to trust Jesus more each moment by increasing my faith in Jesus
  • Give me spiritual eyes to see what You want me to see in these scriptures
  • Give me spiritual ears to hear what You want me to hear in Your Word
  • Recall to my memory any of my life’s experiences that relate to what I’m reading in the Bible
  • Help me identify emotional responses to what I read
  • Give me new insights from what You show me today
  • Help me find examples of love and obedience to you God in what I’m reading today, especially those lived out by Jesus
  • Holy Spirit, reveal to me what God desires for me to BE, SAY, and DO.

 Read (4 minutes)

  • Circle key words you find
  • Underline phrases or thoughts that stick out to you
  • Draw arrows toward connecting parts
  • Star something you feel is important that you want to come back to later

Helpful Tips

* Take you’re time and read at your own pace.  This is not a reading race!

** If you don’t know how to pronounce a word, don’t get hung up.  Keep reading!

*** If you don’t know the meaning of a word, don’t worry. Keep reading! The surrounding context may give you insight into what the word is. You can always circle it & look it up later.

Reflect & Make Notes (3 minutes)

  • Think about what God wants me to see, hear, or feel about what I’ve just read?
  • What experiences have I had that relate to what I’ve just read?
  • Write down any thoughts or insights that “stick out” to you in what you’ve just read.

Read (4 minutes)

Reflect & Make Notes (3 minutes)

Read (4 minutes)

Reflect & Make Notes (3 minutes)

Connect & Summarize (4 minutes)

  • Write down your thoughts or insights on today’s reading.
  • What did I learn about God? About the Holy Spirit? What did I learn about Jesus?
  • What did I learn about being a disciple of Jesus?
  • What examples of Jesus’ Love and/or Obedience did I find today?
  • Based on my PTWG today, what insights or actions should I begin to apply to my life?   Write these down!

Scripture to Rememorize for the week (1 minute)

  • Write down on a 3×5 card any verses today that “stick out” to you, or that you “connect with”.  Say the verses aloud as you write them.  Save this card and read it aloud again sometime during the day, and again before you go to sleep that night.  

Closing Prayer (2 minutes)

Ask God to…

  • Seal what I have learned today in my heart so that I will never forget it
  • Transform me more into the likeness of Jesus Christ as I continue to meditate on what I have learned today
  • Give me the courage to BECOME, SAY, and DO what You have challenged me to BECOME, SAY, and DO
  • Lift up any other prayer concerns you have