Current Sermon Series

If I knew then what I know now….

In this series will be using 1 Corinthians to help us framework to help us formulate our answer to the question, “If I knew then what I know now….” would I do things the same?  God got us started on this spiritual adventure with Jesus Christ, and no matter what happens, God will never give up on us. What we need to battle against is giving up on ourselves because circumstances get difficult.

 6/7/20 –  LS Sermon #531  God never gives up on us

6/14/20 –  LS Sermon #532  The Nature of a TRUE Christian

6/21/20 –  LS Sermon #533  TBA


The New Norm

This series will focus on the transitions and lessons the disciples experienced first hand from a “resurrected from the dead” Jesus (who was still present with them for a short time, but in a new form) as they adjusted to their “New Norm”. 

This series will span the time know in the liturgical year of the Christian Church as Eastertide (or Paschal-tide), the period of 50 days, spanning from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday, which focuses on celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

    4/19/20 – LS Sermon #524 Life with a post-resurrected Jesus

    4/26/20 – LS Sermon #525 Let’s be real, I’m afraid

     5/3/20 –  LS Sermon #526  I need more self-discipline…not time

     5/10/20 –  LS Sermon #527  Reality is so different than fantasy

     5/17/20 –  LS Sermon #528  Breathe Like Me

     5/24/20 –  LS Sermon #529  A life of Ascension

     5/31/20 –  LS Sermon #530  PENTECOST: A “Birth” day to celebrate daily with our lives



This series covers the Christian season of “Lent” (the six and a half weeks before Easter, beginning on Ash Wednesday and ending on Easter).  

We will follow Luke’s account of the last 50 days of Jesus journey with his disciples as Jesus makes his pilgrimage to Jerusalem for his last Passover celebration in human form with his disciples, before being handed over to be crucified.  Here we will see the intense teaching and instructions to and passionate love for his disciples (and humanity) that can help us in these difficult days we live in today.

    3/22/20 – LS Sermon #521  You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

   3/29/20 – LS Sermon #522 Restoration that comes from Faith

   4/5/20 – LS Sermon #522 No ROCK is going to cry out in my place

   4/12/20 – LS Sermon #523 Remember it, Share it, & Keep the main thing the main thing