Welcome to the Education and Training resource page.  Here, you will find our manuals and course materials for the classes we offer to help all of us become better followers of Jesus and, guides to volunteering at the church and in the community.

First Classes:

Required of all individuals wanting to partner with LifeSpring.

Below, you will find the manuals to what we call LS (LifeSpring) 101 and 102.  Both of these courses are required of all persons desiring to join our church.  We ask that everyone take these two classes so that everyone will know what is expected of them as followers of Jesus and members of our church.  This may be a review of everything you believe and have already learned, it may be totally new and something you never knew before, or a combination of the two.  However, we as a church, feel it is vitally important to define just what it means to partner with us.


During this time we will try to answer questions about the basics of LifeSpring, Christianity, baptism and how by “Doing Life Together” we can help people experience the life-changing movements of Jesus’ love.

LS 101 BASICS Participants Guide LS 102 Members are Ministers Participants.Leaders Guide


This class will cover LifeSpring’s biblical mandates and our key expectations for those who desire to partner with LifeSpring Church through membership.

LS 102 Members are Ministers Participants.Leaders Guide


Volunteer Guides:

Hospitality Volunteer Instructions:

Hospitality Word 97