Need To Know

Hey friends,  it’s Pastor Dorsia here, 

Take a moment and watch this brief video called “Getting Ready to Reboot”.  In the video, Jennifer Cowart speaks to the opportunities every church (and remember, the church is people, not a building) should be looking and preparing for as the “Sheltering In Place” comes to an end.

Many of us have live by the adage, “Leaders are learners and leaners are leaders”.  What I have found in my life is when you stop learning, you eventually will stop leading… and your voice and influence in the world will become a like a “mist in the wind”

  • So what have you personally witnessed & learned from God in the last 2-3 months?  


  • What things do you see great “leaders”, “teams”, or “companies doing?  


  • What opportunities do you see now & on the horizon where the churches leadership and involvement could make a significant positive impact?


Please send us your thoughts, ideas and general comments about these questions and the other things Jennifer speaks about in this video