Basics: Asking the Right Questions

If you’ve ever seen the tv game show Jeopardy!, you know it’s about asking the right questions. Alex Trebek reads an answer off the big blue board and contestants have to buzz in and ask the right question to win a certain dollar amount.

We’re not asking questions for dollar amounts on a game show. We’re looking for the priceless answers for life. And we know those answers are found in God.

Join us for a new message series called “Basics: Asking the Right Questions.
In this series we will be exploring the “right questions” to the “answers” of the basic building blocks of our faith as followers of Jesus Christ.

They may be questions about faith, God, Jesus, prayer, salvation, the Bible, living as a Christian… whatever. We want to address your questions. We want to address the questions of new- and non- Christians.

Our hope is that by you knowing we’re addressing questions you and those close to you are asking, you will make a point to be with us on Sunday, invite others who are asking these questions, and that we will all be equipped to live a life that makes a difference!

Begins: August 7!

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