Be The Church: May 1, 2011

Don’t Just Go to Church, BE the Church
Want to make Bulloch County better? So do we.

The Basic Info
On Sunday, May 1, we will not meet for a typical Sunday worship service. Instead we are having what we call a “Be The Church” day, a day of service to the community. We will meet at the GSU Wesley Foundation (103 Herty Dr., Statesboro, 30458) at 9am and then head into the community to engage in service projects.

We’ll have several work teams spreading out into the community do several projects. Our projects will range from basic “yard work” to building a small ramp for an older lady to assembling gift bags for medical staff, as well as a few other great projects.

At the conclusion of our projects, we do want to meet together to close out our morning. Some of your workteam members may need to be back to pickup young children or to get equipment borrowed from other teams, but we hope everyone will stick around for a closing devotional time at 11:45am. We plan to be done by noon… honest!

How You Can Be Prepared

  1. It will be important for you to arrive as close to 9am as possible. While we have plenty of time to accomplish the projects, we will be meeting briefly before leaving for our project sites. While we’ll have some people at the Wesley Foundation all morning, we don’t want you to get left behind!

  2. We’re rolling our sleeves up and getting a little sweaty, so we recommend you wear “work” clothes. (There are a couple of projects that require a little less “sweat equity”, so everyone will be able to participate regardless of physical ability.)

  3. Come with a kind and caring heart. We’re serving people out of our love for God and want that love to be reflected to those we’re serving. Also, you’ll be on a team with other volunteers… so play nice!

  4. If you are able to help out, we are still in need of the following items:
    • (This list will be available soon.)

Come, be part of making a difference!

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