KidSpring Online – Week 3: EASTER (part 2)

EASTER (Part 2) 


 “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” – Romans 5:8


When you hear the word “Easter” it might bring to mind baskets full of jelly beans and chocolate bunnies. Or maybe Easter egg hunts in the backyard. Or maybe even putting on your Sunday best to come to church.

But what is Easter really all about? That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

To understand what Jesus did at Easter, we have to go all the way back to the beginning of time, when God created everything.God made the world and everything in it. He created Adam and Eve – the first people and he put them in a beautiful garden to live. The world was perfect. Adam and Eve had a good relationship with God – they got to see him and talk with him. The garden was filled with gentle animals and great food to eat. There was only one tree in the garden which God had said “do not eat from this tree.”

God had given humans only one rule. And as we read, they couldn’t even obey that one rule.

Read:   John 19:30  & John 19:38-40


When Jesus said “it is finished” he didn’t just mean that his life was finished. He meant the work that he came to do was finished. Jesus came to die for us, and he succeeded in his mission.

After his death on Friday, he was taken down from the cross and placed in a tomb that belonged to Joseph of Arimathea. For everyone involved, they thought that was the end of the story.

Then on Sunday, Mary Magdalene went to visit the tomb. It’s like when people go visit a cemetery. They go to visit the place where a loved one’s body is buried.

But when Mary got to the tomb, it was empty. There was no body to visit. Mary did not understand what had happened.


READ:    John 20:11-18



Jesus is alive! He conquered death. He destroyed sin.

Jesus is alive! If we put our trust in Jesus he will give us new life with him. He will take away our sin. He will give us back that good relationship with God.

Do you know Jesus today? Do you believe that he died for you and rose from the dead? Do you put your trust in him?

If you answered “yes” then remember that Easter is a time to celebrate what Jesus did for us. Actually every time we come to church we can celebrate that. In fact, you can celebrate that all of the time, wherever you are. This news is too good not to celebrate all of the time. And to share with others.

If you haven’t met Jesus yet, but you want to know him, today is your day. Pray to him. Ask him to come into your heart. Ask him to take away your sin. Ask him to give you a good relationship with God.

God loves us. He wants to have a good relationship with us. He sent Jesus to die for us and take away our sin. Jesus rose from the dead. This is happiness. This is good news. This is Easter.

Closing prayer: (We’ve been doing a repeat after me prayer) 

Dear Jesus, Change my heart, so that it is more like your heart.  Help me to always remember, you love me, and you are with me.  Amen.