KidSpring Online – Week 1: The Foolish Rich Man

This week, children will experience the story of the foolish rich man, exploring the differences between wants and needs and considering as God’s people how we can care for everyone.

Ask your children:

What is a want?

What is a need?

What’s the difference?

Is it ok to get things we want?

Are there people that don’t have their “needs”?

How can we make sure everyone’s needs are met?

Watch the following video with your child

Read:   Luke 12:16-21

Follow up questions:

What happened?

What does God want us to do with our money/things?

Is it fair for some people to have a lot and others to have barely nothing at all?

Activity idea:

Using magazines and or other pictures create a want and need board.

Closing prayer: (We’ve been doing a repeat after me prayer) 

Dear Jesus, You are so good. Help us to walk your ways and serve others as you would serve. Amen.