Softball Schedule

Here is the current schedule for 2015 softball season. Make sure to visit us on Facebook at LifeSpring Athletics for updates and cancellations. 

Tuesday, May 5th

                  One Time vs. LifeSpring

                  9:00 pm Field #4

Thursday, May 7th


Tuesday, May 12th

                 LifeSpring vs. Rejects

                 8:00 pm Field #5

Thursday, May 14th

                LifeSpring vs. EGRMC

                8:00 pm Field #4

Tuesday, May 19th

                BCCD vs. LifeSpring

                 9:00 pm Field #4

Thursday, May 21st

                  Bomb Squad vs. LifeSpring

                  7:00 pm Field #4

Tuesday, May 26th

                 One Time vs. LifeSpring 

                  7:00 pm Field #4

Thursday, May 28th

                 LifeSpring vs. EGRMC

                 8:00 pm Field #4

Tuesday, June 2nd

                 LifeSpring vs. Rejects

                 7:00 pm Field #4

Thursday, June 4th

                BCCS vs. LifeSpring

                9:00 pm Field #4  


Make-up games or tournament games will begin on Tues., June 9th

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